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Axel tries to accelerate HTTP/FTP downloading process by using multiple connections for one file. It can use multiple mirrors for a download. Axel has no dependencies and is lightweight, so it might be useful as a wget clone on byte-critical systems.

Wilmer van der Gaast is the upstream author of Axel. Y Giridhar Appaji Nag and Philipp Hagemeister are the current maintainers. See the original upstream page.

Axel SCM: svn://svn.debian.org/svn/axel/
WebSVN: http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/axel

ViewSVN: http://svn.debian.org/viewsvn/axel

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Latest release

Download Axel 2.4 axel-2.4.tar.gz. Older releases are available too.

Latest News

Proxy server using axel

Giridhar Appaji Nag Yasa - 2009-04-29 05:43 -

Axel 2.4 maintenance release

Giridhar Appaji Nag Yasa - 2009-04-27 14:23 -

Axel 2.3 LFS maintenance release

Giridhar Appaji Nag Yasa - 2009-01-12 07:26 -

Axel 2.2 bugfix release

Giridhar Appaji Nag Yasa - 2008-11-19 17:41 -

Axel 2.0 LFS release

Y Giridhar Appaji Nag - 2008-09-12 12:00 -

Axel 1.1 maintenance release

Y Giridhar Appaji Nag - 2008-01-18 09:15 -

Axel has a new home

Y Giridhar Appaji Nag - 2008-01-10 12:12 -
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